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Heavily Carved Cuckoo Clock

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  • Year
  • Features
    8 Day weight Driven
  • Dimensions
    53 (h) x 20 (w) x 15 (d) cm

A Cuckoo clock with a Forest animal theme. On top of the clock stands a large bellowing Stag, beautifully carved in three dimensions. On the base of the clock and matching the Stag is large wild Boar centrally located under the dial. Framed by Oak leaves and Fir trees this clock represents a special Forest scene. The case is finished in antique Walnut. 8 day rack-strike movement with a cuckoo call on the half and full hour. A premium model with a 5 year warranty, long life components, Nickel plated chime spring, antique style chains and wooden knob for the manual night shut-off.

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