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Welcome to Suffolk Clocks

We provide service and support for longcase clocks throughout the United Kingdom.


New servicing arrangements – UPDATE – March 2023

In the future, for all service calls and repairs we will come to your house, remove the mechanism and return it to our own premises for a thorough service and re-bush. Although this will involve two visits we aim to return the serviced/repaired movement within a few weeks.

As a consequence of the ‘lock-down’ we are behind on our usual servicing arrangements and no reminder letters have been sent for customers who were due a service in 2020/21 and 22. If you have requested a call we are doing our best to get up to date.

If you have a clock that is due a service you can contact us and we will schedule a run for you as soon as we are able to do so. If you have a clock that is not working we will try to prioritise you over routine calls.

Suffolk Clocks Ltd was formed in 2005 following the closure of Fenclocks Ltd based in Mildenhall.

For over 40 years Fenclocks manufactured a wide range of longcase clocks that were sold by a variety of retail outlets throughout the UK. The staff at Suffolk Clocks formerly worked for Fenclocks on the technical and service support side and are able to offer our customers a full service and support facility for their longcase clocks.

If you own a Fenclock there is a good chance we will have your details and you should have been contacted by Suffolk Clocks with details of the service arrangements. If you own a Fenclock and would like some help or assistance but have not had any communication from Suffolk Clocks then please contact us through this site and we will do our best to help you.

As we have close links with other clock manufacturers we are also able to purchase new clocks at competitive prices, please see the links page for more details.